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Carousel is the world's first independent handbag subscription.


We support independent designers, which is why we started this Carousel membership after all. We want fans to be able to find their way to amazing designers, designs, and lifestyle-driven bags.


Carousel bags are selected from all over the world for their high-quality materials and simple, practical (but still ahead-of-the-trend) design. We could all use more simple beauty in our lives, right?


We're easy-going and like it that way. Stay curious, keep discovering, and whenever we can make it happen, we will.

Our Team

We root for the underdogs. The visionaries. The changemakers. The ones with exceptional talent. It's always been pretty straightforward. We started this company because we wanted more voices at the table when we think about handbag design, and we wanted to unleash that passion and artistry to a larger audience.

We're here with our members to show the world what a new model of authentic, quality, passion-driven fashion is all about.

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