Flynn's Story
Inspired by his childhood love of architecture, Australian designer Oliver Tilsley launched Flynn.

Oliver has been inspired by sculptural shapes and luxurious materials all his life. He decided to devote a handbag line to clean silhouettes and where-did-you-get-that hardware.

Oliver loves to play with shapes, silhouettes and scales, so handbags make for the ultimate playground.

Prior to Flynn, Oliver was in apparel where he owned a t-shirt brand called T-Bar. He didn't have any formal fashion training. He actually studied Entrepreneurship at University as part of a Bachelor in Business. He ended up going in to handbags as he saw this as a challenge following the sale of T-Bar. He didn't want to go back into apparel, he wanted to challenge himself but take the learnings from his apparel background into his new business, whilst developing a new craft.