GG Maull

New York City, USA

Inden 1582

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GG Maull's Story
GG Maull's goal is to create a handbag that brings joy and makes it easier for a woman to carry around the tools she needs to conquer the world.

Designed in New York City and produced in Italy, GG Maull is a beautifully accessories brand. It incorporates Art Deco detailing into Italian leather to create timeless, statement pieces. Marked by rebellious sophistication and whimsical flair, it's a brand for powerful women who will never sit still and wait.

Accessories design has been a part of Gretchen's life since Kindergarten, when she refused to go to school without her black Mary Janes. Her passion found a professional outlet years later.

Gretchen took her BFA in Fashion Design and interned at Proenza Schouler. She moved her life and education to Italy. In 2008, she returned to New York with a new sense of possibility and an edge of Italianita. She has designed handbags and accessories for Kate Spade, Coach, and Calvin Klein. When her sister was hit by a car and fighting for her life in ICU, all she could do was hope and pray that she would make it. Paralyzed by despair, she sat by her phone and curled into herself. When she looked up her husband he handed her a little black box with some beautiful earrings. He said, "Even if they bring you joy for two minutes, that's two minutes of joy you need right now." This experience was the springboard for her future. She got up, claimed her dream, and found a way to use her love of design to share her two minutes of joy to inspire someone else. In the crossroads of fantasy and functionality, GG Maull was born.