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Inden 1582's Story
400 years ago, Inden created durable, functional designs for popular Samurai to use as decoration for war armor.

Throughout time, many Japanese civilians began to look up to Samurai for fashion and style inspiration. INDEN realized this, and began creating designs which fit for both warriors and Japanese trendsetters alike.

Japanese women began wearing beautiful designs, acknowledging INDEN's reputation as one of luxurious and stylish brands.

Inden's products are manufactured with a unique, 400-year-old technique of applying lacquer over deerskin. Their patterns are made of washi papers and all the complex designs are made by hand. Deerskin is characteristically very soft and light, and the lacquer functions not only as a decoration but also as the protection of its surface. As a result, the Inden products are resistant to scratches and can be used for a long period of time.