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Lauren Cecchi

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Laggo's Story
Unique and ambitious, Laggo stands for luxury and innovative design.

LAGGO is a statement, a style, created by meticulous craftsmanship intended to be an extension of a woman's everyday life. "A treasure is something you find at a time when it's unexpected, something that takes you on a new journey and feels like it's been a part of you your whole life."

Laggo is about making something special for everyone to enjoy.

LAGGO launched through inspiration derived from her upbringing. Creative Director, Mariana Goschin, first fell in love with fashion while watching her father, a tailor by trade, work and manipulate leather to create beautiful yet functional pieces. It is equally elegant, as it is an extension of a woman's everyday life. "I believe that a great bag is not much different than a piece of art. We are slated with a beautiful canvas and it is up to our inspiration and imagination to bring it all together in harmony."